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Sizzling Suggestions For Spring & Summer Moves


Can you believe that spring is here?! By now all of the clocks have sprung forward (and perhaps your allergies are in full swing), but are you moving ahead with your other ambitions this season? Spring and summer are historically considered the ideal time to move, and housing inventory commonly multiplies dramatically during this time of year. If you are in the process of buying, selling or relocating ~ you may be looking forward to your new home, but dreading the prospect of packing. But the good news is that there are some clear advantages to transitions during the sizzling and sunny seasons, so check out our T-O-P moving tips for spring & summer moves!


1. Maximize Spring Cleaning. Let’s face it, we all talk about spring cleaning, and usually utilize this time of year to sort through the kids’ accumulated school projects, purge the pantry and maybe even create some closet space. If you are moving, spring cleaning can do double duty, as you can declutter, donate and pack along the way. If your home requires staging, even better, as you’ll have to remove many of your belongings and accessories anyway.


2. Garage Sale! Spring weather means that many people are out and about, and ready to rummage! This is an ideal time to take the remnants of your spring cleaning and sell, sell, sell! Use the extra cash to supplement moving expenses, and maybe you can even convince the neighbor kids to set up a lemonade stand. You can even go big and invite your neighbors to make it a full blown block sale. After all – one person’s trash is another’s treasure, right?


3. Book Movers Early. Because this is a busy time of year, movers are likely to staff up and prepare for the increased need. However, they are also likely to receive requests far in advance as people try to plan around end of school celebrations and vacations. Be sure to identify the moving company you want as early as possible, check those references and be prepared to book them as soon as your target date is set. If you choose an ‘off-time’ such as mid-month or a weekday vs. a weekend, you may be able to negotiate a discount. It never hurts to ask, right?


4. Prioritize Packing. The good news about moving in the spring and summer, is that there are many fall and winter items you won’t need to access. As you begin to pack, start with the things you know you definitely won’t use now, like your ski or snowboard gear, holiday décor, flannel sheets, blankets and winter coats. As you move through the house, consider what items you use on a monthly, weekly or daily basis and save the most utilized items for last.



5. Health & Hydration. Moving presents a medley of emotional, physical and mental stress whether it’s 3 blocks or three cities away. It’s easy to forget to take care of yourself when you are managing a move, on top of working, packing and even enduring escrow. Consider hiring a move management team to handle the details, create your timeline and execute all aspects of the move. If a full-service solution isn’t in your budget, consider outsourcing certain parts of your move – such as hiring someone to organize the garage sale, or packing the most challenging rooms in your home (c’mon – no one likes wrapping every dish in the kitchen!). On move day itself, be sure to stay hydrated, and make sure your movers do the same! Plan for a process that allots some flexibility for breaks, and time to manage the unexpected (such as when Great Aunt Sally’s antique hutch won’t fit through the front door!).


We hope our seasonal suggestions for spring & summer moves have helped alleviate some of the stress you may be facing this time of year! Remember, we are always here to help whether offering simple suggestions that you can implement, or taking that transition and managing it start to finish for you. Our hope is that your sunniest days are ahead…and that we can help you get there!


All the best,

Helen & Julie


Helen Ingwersen