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T-O-P Move Management Joins Rightsizing Thursdays At Atria Foster Square

As transition task masters and advocates of living your best life, our team at T-O-P Move Management is so excited that a New Year is here! In addition to continuing our commitment to helping with moves of all shapes and sizes, we are also focused on sharing increased education & information with the community. In that spirit – we are pleased to share that we will be joining the ‘Rightsizing Thursdays’ series at Atria Foster Square as their February presenter! All are welcome to join this community event in which we talk about one of our most favorite things alongside one of our favorite community partners!  


If you are thinking… “I have heard of downsizing – but what is rightsizing?!”, you are not alone. That is part of why we are helping  our friends at Atria spread the word that de-cluttering does not mean doing without. Too often, our clients assume that making your home fit your life (or vice versa) is about giving away as much as possible, potentially eliminating memories or enduring a stressful clear out. But the good news is that in working with individuals and families of all ages, we have identified customized steps that help you find the balance between having too much stuff, having too little and living a life that is just the right size!


Event details can be found below and on our Facebook event page! Until then, feel free to contact us with any questions at 650.389.9098 or helen@topmovemgmt.com.


SAVE THE DATE: February 14th, 11am-12pm





Helen Ingwersen