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T-O-P Move Management


T-O-P Move Management knows that every move is unique. We take pride in our ability to work collaboratively with our clients to create a move plan that works best for you.

A Storage Unit Filled with Memories
– Daizel G.
My move back to Southern California, although difficult, was the best decision for me and my son. T-O-P Move Management not only helped me manage my move, but also provided support and compassion throughout the process. THANK YOU for understanding that I was still grieving, having lost my husband in 2011. THANK YOU for being there with me as I opened the door to our 10x30 storage unit, filled with memories that was still too painful for me to face. THANK YOU for getting to know me, and what I needed; going through endless boxes and understanding what to keep, donate and dispose. THANK YOU for being patient, keeping it at a pace that was right for me, giving me time to decide and focusing me on moving forward. THANK YOU for coordinating the donations to multiple organizations; it was reassuring to know that we could help so many. THANK YOU for caring, this was very difficult and I could not have done this without you. Now, my son and I are moving forward, focused on the present and looking forward to the future. You helped us get to where we are now. You offer much more than a moving service, you help change lives with integrity and empathy. I highly recommend T-O-P Move Management! Thank you with all my heart!!
Helping to Downsize
–Lillian T.
Downsizing is a more personal and overwhelming task that I found I couldn’t do without help. The T-O-P Move Management team made the whole process so easy by simply pulling out an item, looking at me and asking ‘keep or toss’ – this forced me to make a gut-level decision immediately. We went through a crammed closet in less then 2 hrs – that gut-level decision is the best kind – I went back to retrieve only two items from the mountainous ‘toss’ stack.
Moving to Assisted Living
– Raymond L.
T-O-P Move Management recently assisted my 91-year old father with a move from a cluttered two-bedroom townhouse in which he had lived for 30 years to a studio in an assisted living facility. Julie, Helen and Amy helped my father and the extended family makes clear and well thought-out decisions about what to take, what to sell on consignment, and what to donate. Then they managed the entire downsizing and moving process with breathtaking competence and exceptional grace and humor. Within a few hours of leaving his townhouse my dad was moved into his new studio, and it looked as though he had been living there for months. The items to be moved were professionally packed, moved and set up in the new studio, and all boxes were unpacked and removed. Whatever could be sold was sold within days; the rest was itemized and donated. Their fee for this exceptional service was very reasonable. I cannot say enough good things about this company and its staff. I would use them in future moves of my own and I would recommend them enthusiastically to anyone faced with a downsizing or corporate relocation move.
Moving Into a Retirement Home
– Jackie
When my 90+ year old mother decided to move to a retirement community, the director of the community told her about a move management company who could help if needed. Not until seeing how T-O-P Move Management totally packed up my mother’s place in one day and seamlessly unpacked and setup her new home the next day, did I truly appreciate the value of the services provide by T-O-P. They also managed the moving company logistics and took away all of the boxes at the end of the day. To see my mom so quickly setup in her new home, surrounded by all of her familiar and favorite things was amazing. Thank you T-O-P Move Management!
Making Moving Easier
–Matthew N.
T-O-P Move Management was extremely helpful and made an incredibly difficult process about 1000 times easier for me. They were extremely friendly and were very careful to check with me before throwing anything out that had even a small chance of having some sentimental value. I completely trusted them in my house even when I was not there, and would absolutely recommend them to any of my friends.