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The #1 Must-Know Moving Hack



The time. The energy. The coordination. The packing. The un-packing, The stress. Let’s face it…there are a lot of things about moving that make it one of life’s biggest challenges. While we have a ton of tips & tricks to make every transition easier – today we wanted to share one that anyone can do, with every room in your home. This one is so simple it’s almost silly – but something that often gets overlooked in the madness of moving.


Chances are that amidst your belongings, there are a number of electrical cables, cords and conundrums. You know what we are talking about – wires, wires everywhere! Your mobile devices, your computer, your television – they all have wires, chargers, USB plug-ins and connections galore! The worst part of moving these items isn’t taking them apart – but trying to remember how to put it all back together! There is ONE thing you can do before you even think about packing up your office or disconnecting that TV – take a picture!


That’s right – whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words was DEFINITELY talking about  moving electronics! You could re-visit every manual and trouble shoot a cable in every component to see what fits – or you could just refer to the handy, dandy photo that you took before you took it all apart! And with everyone having s smart phone today – it’s so simple that we told you it really IS silly. 



The photo trick works great for every room in your home; while it’s best-known for solving ‘where did these wires go?!’ – it can also help you un-ravel the mystery of how all those pots and pans fit in your kitchen or how your craft room was laid out. Consider taking photos as you take furniture apart and then follow them backwards when you put it back together. Want to feel proud of yourself? Take a picture of that messy garage at your old house, and then take a picture of your strategically sorted stuff in your new home’s garage! You’ll have a before and after that will make you wish you had your own reality show…


We hope this moving hack will help you in countless ways! For more T-O-P tricks, be sure to contact us at

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