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The Bright Side: Benefits Of A Spring Move

Moving is never easy, and packing up and heading out while the sun is shining surely makes you want to run away and go on vacation instead! But in the storm of moving this spring, we’d like to showcase the silver living of what seems like an arduous cloud! Here are our T-O-P 3 benefits of moving in the spring:



#1: Longer, lighter, warmer days. The only thing worse than moving – is moving amidst the snow and pouring rain. While spring showers still might sprinkle, a move this season is better than one in those long, dreary, dark winter days. Plus you can send the kids outside to play in the backyard while you direct the movers, and dine outdoors with pizza and cold beverages at the end of the day! 


#2: Count out the competition. Moving in the spring is still a less busier time than moving in summer, so competition for the lowest-priced yet highest-quality movers won’t be as fierce. Better yet, if you are selling and moving – fewer homes on the market means higher demand for yours – so you win again with the best possible return on your investment. You just might be able to maximize your profit and minimize your move costs all-in-one. 


#3: Strategize your spring cleaning. Save yourself money now and time later by cleaning out as you pack up. For each room you would normally include in your spring cleaning purge, try to donate or sell 10-20%. You’ll have less to ultimately pack and un-pack, and enjoy the feeling of starting fresh when you get settled into your new home. 


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 If the thought of moving makes you feel more like an exhausted hen than a spring chicken – remember that we are always here to help! As full-service move managers and professional organizers, we can get you settled well before summer! ~ Julie & Helen 


Helen Ingwersen