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The Do’s & Don’ts Of Floor Planning


We love helping individuals and families through moves of all shapes and sizes – but we don’t always love telling you what to do! Thus, we often steer away from posts that sound like we are ‘barking orders’, as we prefer advice that you can apply and adapt to your situation. BUT this week we are changing it up a bit in the spirit of just giving you the best advice possible – and floor planning is one area that has some definite dos and don’ts! So we apologize in advance if we sound bossy – but we truly believe if you follow these tips they will make your life SO much easier!


(Find our original post on floor planning here, and explore the three most oft-overlooked areas here.)


Floor Planning DO’s


| DO make a comprehensive  list of what you are bringing, so that you aren’t surprised by what comes off the truck but has no place to go!


| DO floor plan with both fit AND function in mind. Just because something fits does not mean it will make the room ‘work’ the way you need it to. A family room with no space for charades is no good, right?!


| DO account for height and width, not just length! Have you ever noticed that the worst looking and poorest functioning homes in your home are the ones where everything is really low… use lighting, indoor plants and storage shelves to maximize how your room feels and flows vertically.


Floor Planning Do Nots


| DO NOT wait to draw out that plan until everything is in the room. Floor planning works 1000% percent better when you can start your move by placing the majority of things in their final destination. Starting over once you move and realize things don’t fit is a nightmare, and feels like moving twice!


| DO NOT forget about the location of outlets, heating and cooling vents and doorways as you lay out your room. (Many HVAC companies recommend 18 inches between furniture and vents to maximize air flow and the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.)


| DO NOT forget to make lots of copies of your floor plan! You may want to add, subtract, doodle and daydream… and that’s okay! Just don’t do it on your only copy…


Don’t forget that floor planning is just one of the many services we offer to make every transition easier!


All our best,


Helen & Julie


Helen Ingwersen