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The “D” Word That Goes With Downsizing (Like Peanut Butter Goes w/Jelly!)


We are about to drop a huge downsizing surprise here: it is NOT just about getting  rid of stuff. What if you forgot everything you ever knew (or thought you knew) about downsizing and started to define it from scratch. What if we told you it was not about doing without the things you love or decluttering as much as possible? What if we told you that one word could solve nearly every downsizing dilemma you have?


It’s true. The “D” word that can save your downsizing drama is decisiveness. Just like peanut butter goes with jelly… downsizing goes with decision-making! It’s the only way to make the process stick (pun intended!). Downsizing begins with the ultimate decision – why are you actually downsizing?


Common reasons for downsizing include:


| Deciding to move to a smaller space

| Deciding to simplify your life & have less stuff to manage

| Deciding to put your house on the market

| Deciding to spare your family the future challenges of clearing out a lifelong home


Being decisive about why you are downsizing also leads you to how to go about it.


| Decide on a deadline – a personal one if not an outwardly motivated one.

| Decide to keep what matters – not what you feel obligated to or have had for the longest anyway!

| Decide if you will retain outside storage or work within what ‘fits’.

| Decide if you feel confident to endure the process alone or enlist the help of professionals (like us!).


As you can see… downsizing does not have to be a never-ending, eternally stress-filled & all consuming project that you keep putting off. With proactivity, purpose and even some professional help – every decision you make is literally one-step closer to reaching your downsizing goal! 


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