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The Early Bird Gets The…Stress?!


We have all heard the expression that the early bird gets the worm…right?! The hope is that by being the first one out of the gate…success will be at your feet! The housing market indicators predict that buyers are following the same hope – as RISMedia, Realtor.com and diverse industry sources report an EARLY spring buying season (I mean…it’s only February…!). RISMedia reports that “housing inventory is moving six days faster than last year and four days faster than January” and that median prices are up 8% over this time last year. Those looking to get ahead of the traditionally large seasonal competition and who want to avoid paying more for the same house in 6 months are looking to maker a move soon – like tomorrow!


With the housing market heating up far faster than the weather and the ‘spring’ sellers’ season starting in the middle of the winter – the early birds might get the houses, but they may also be undergoing the stress of a move sooner than expected! With this type of market acceleration not typically seen until April…can you minimize your stress while maximizing the opportunities that are opening up?


With a little planning…yes! Here are our T-O-P Move Management tips for surviving an early spring move!




#1: Don’t depend on the weather. If you were hoping for a great spring garage sale with ideal weather to get rid of un-wanted items before you move – think again. Consider alternatives that are NOT weather dependent such as selling large items on consignment, utilizing neighborhood buy/sell groups on social media and posting on community forums and neighborhood newsletters. Do not wait for clear skies to clear out!


#2: Do depend on each other. If your moving timeline was anticipated in about 4 months but you found your home and now you are moving in 4 weeks – call your tribe. Ask your friends to watch the kids so you can pack, give yourself permission to order pizza for dinner a night or two and ask for help! We happen to know two ladies who LOVE packing, sorting and managing moves who would be honored to join your tribe too! Our services can be tailored to meet your most immediate needs and best use of your budget. 


#2: Research a mover – now. The best movers are always the first to get booked! Make contact with three movers, obtain actual binding quotes in writing and call the movers as soon as you have a target date. The less time you give yourself to identify and book a mover…the less quality choices you are likely to have left. 


While every transition comes with it’s fair share of stress…we hope to minimize the challenges and maximize the rewards! Cheers to a home that is everything you want for everything in life you need!


Helen & Julie 



Helen Ingwersen