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The Industry Of Downsizing (Standards That Stand Out!)


We absolutely love what we do… so when we see our industry featured in some of the nation’s top publications, we get pretty excited! It must mean that others love what we do too! ???? Just two days ago, The Wall Street Journal published an article titled ‘Ready To Downsize? There’s Plenty of Help’. (Click HERE for complete, original media source.) It reminded us of two important and perhaps little-known concepts about our industry that we take for granted because we live and breathe it every day.


First, there IS help available if your parents are downsizing and/or relocating. When people hear the term ‘move managers’ or ‘senior move managers’, they often assume we only manage the movers or only complete one type of task – such as helping seniors transition into assisted living. We’d like to reiterate an important piece of the puzzle that The Wall Street Journal explains – we can do it all! From simply sorting what to give away or keep, to packing, unpacking, preparing a home for sale and helping a loved one settle into their new place of any type, senior move managers perform a variety or organizational and hands-on services that fit your specific needs.


Second, the article notes that our industry is growing – FAST! So fast in fact, that many move management companies can’t keep up with the demand. With demographics serving as the key driver of growth, tens of thousands of Baby Boomers are helping their aging parents downsize each year, and they need professional help. If you are wondering what the benefit of demand is to you… it’s actually a very good thing! It means increased industry oversight and higher standards for client service. As proud members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), we adhere to a strict set of standards and ethics, as do our 1,000 members nationwide. Here is some info about our mission and more, straight from www.NASMM.org: 


The moral of the story? If you are helping a loved one face a life transition, there is qualified and trustworthy help available! To learn more, visit the NASMM website, and feel free to ask us any questions, anytime!


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Helen & Julie 

Helen Ingwersen