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The Middle Ground: Making Your Home Work For You


Have you ever noticed that over time… the things in your closet change as your life does?! Your work clothes may have evolved into a full line of retirement loungewear.  Your size may have gone up, down or back and forth a few times (goodness knows it’s happened to us!). The funny thing is that the rest of your home often needs to operate the same way. The insides of your home, just as the insides of your closet, should change with your life, your age, your needs and your wants.  We call this the middle ground – and we can help you achieve it!


While it’s no secret that downsizing and helping seniors move is what we love to do – it is not the right step for everyone at any given time. There are times when a lifelong home can be created or when a home just needs a few ‘tweaks’ to make it suitable for where you are at today. Whether moving into a smaller space or senior living community is still a long-term goal or not, there are still many conveniences and accommodations that can ensure the safety and functionality of your home in the present. Here are T-O-P Move Management’s Top 5 Ways To Make Your Home Work For You… so let’s get started!


Did you know that right-sizing a home to fit an aging loved one is SUCH a big trend that the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASSM) has created an entire division about it?! Read more about NASMM@Home HERE and learn about the cornerstone tasks that we focus on to help you stay at home!


#1: Identify and establish safe zones for entry and exit. Did you know that entryways and door openings are the fundamentals of reducing fall risk & maximizing mobility?! Zero-threshold entryways, widened doorways for wheelchair access, covered walkways to manage inclement weather and the like are often the first step in ensuring a loved one can get into, out of and around home with ease and comfort.


#2: Learn to love lighting. The only thing worse than falling… is falling in a situation where it could have been prevented. Motion sensor lights on ramps, stairs and hallways can aid seniors in moving around at night. Ample lighting in cooking, bathing and entryways is especially crucial, and installing security lighting outdoors is an excellent safety precaution.



#3: Focus on floor planning. The furniture layout that worked well for a family of 5 can feel chaotic and cumbersome to an empty-nester party of two! If where you eat, play and entertain has changed – your home layout should too! In addition, you should ensure that medications and things you use daily are within easy reach and accessible even if your bad shoulder is tightening up today or if your arthritis is impacting your dexterity.


#4: Address maintenance issues. A leaky toilet, an aging water heater, a lack of air conditioning… let’s all agree that like death & taxes, home repairs are in the ‘inevitable’ club. But if you plan to stay in your home and thrive there – be sure that you can stay cool, calm and comfortable in any weather pattern and in everyday life. You deserve nothing less. 


#5: Prioritize & purge possessions. Life can feel overwhelming and really drag you down… and so can all of the items we collect while living it. Simplifying stuff not only creates more space with regards to safety and mobility, but it just plain feels good! Granted, it is the hardest aspect of aging and right-sizing – but quite often the most personally rewarding!


Please feel free to explore this topic in full by reviewing the following resources which inspired us! Don’t forget to contact us if we cna make your home truly work for you! ~ Helen 


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