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The T-O-P Move ‘Best Of’ Downsizing


We like to think of move management services as the gift that keeps on giving! Not only do we help in the present, but ideally complete your transition in such a way that you enjoy your home and surroundings in the future, everyday! But there is one more gift that we strive to provide every single week – and that is essential information and education here on our blog.


To make that knowledge even easier to access…

this week we are compiling our T-O-P blog posts on our T-O-P request – downsizing!


If you, your parents or anyone you know is going to be downsizing in the next 12 months – THIS is our gift to you! If you were our best friend and you only had time to look in one place to educate yourself on downsizing processes, expectations and trends –THIS would be it. Please enjoy and feel free to share with anyone you know who could benefit!


The Industry Of Downsizing (Standards That Stand Out!)


The blog above defines exactly what type of help is available, why the need for downsizing help is growing and who ensures the ethics & integrity of these services. 


The 3 P’s Of Helping Your Parents Downsize


In the ‘3 P’s Of Helping Your Parents Downsize’, we address how parental-child role reversal often emerges in the downsizing process, and how to maintain a supportive spirit amidst what can be a very daunting process. 


A Kink In The Chain: NY Times Feature


We aren’t the only ones who are seeing a big generation gap when it comes to ‘stuff’; in the article above we share what The New York Times had to say about passing down mementos – and how modern sentiments are changing traditional expectations. 


Why Getting Rid Of Junk Isn’t Free


This one wasn’t easy to write – but it was SO necessary! We debunk many myths about the true cost of donating & disposing (it’s a must read!). 


PODCAST | Our T-O-P 10 Downsizing Tips


We went out of our comfort zone and onto the air waves… and shared our ‘T-O-P 10 Downsizing Tips’. If you have ever wanted to read a move managers mind without reading, listen in right here! 


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As we close out 2017, rest assured that our commitment to making every transition easier is not going anywhere! Please continue to visit our blog, contact us for complimentary consultations and let us know what you’d like to see us feature right here in the New Year.


All our best,


Helen & Julie 


Helen Ingwersen