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The Unsung Heroes | Moving Competitors Pull Together For Disaster Victims

What do you call a group of competing industry peers who throw the bottom line out the window to join the front lines in an emergency?! We call them heroes!



You know that we are always looking out for our clients, and that much of our blog is dedicated to helping you analyze and assess the quality and integrity of the professionals that you choose to assist in your transition. Well, we feel it is equally important to dedicated time and energy to give credit where credit is due, and we just HAD to let you know about the generous and little-known efforts of members of the Move For Hunger network who provided extensive relief efforts to the victims of Hurricane Harvey & Irma.


To give you a little background, Move For Hunger is a collaboration of national relocation companies who pick-up unwanted, non-perishable food items from people who are moving and deliver them to local food banks. This same spirit of giving created a bright and much needed silver lining in the devastating cloud of needs that emerged following the major hurricanes that hit Texas and Florida last month.


Teamwork, communication and commitment emerged in the form of competitor moving companies putting all business aside and figuring out the fastest and most efficient ways to host supply drives and get those items to devastated areas. The result was nearly 200,000 lbs of supplies being delivered to these states in need.


Here are just a few ‘shout-outs’; we encourage you to read much more HERE and remember that not all BIG companies only care about BIG profits – some also have really BIG hearts! ????


|  Beltmann Relocation Group (Atlanta) purchased $10,000 of water and food for delivery to Hurricane Irma’s most severely impacted areas.


| A-1 Moving & Storage (an Atlas Van Lines agent) driver Eric Klause drove 450 miles to pick-up pallets of food donated by a marketing agency and drove the goods to Florida.


| Gentle Giant Moving Company donated use of their trucks and drivers to ensure that 15,000 pounds of food, water, diapers, clothing and towels reached victims of Hurricane Harvey.


|  Alexander’s Mobility Services, an Atlas Van Lines agent, the Los Angeles Chargers, and The Dingman Group teamed up to host a massive supply drive for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and drop items at the Houston Food Bank!


We’d like to extend our deepest gratitude to the Move For Hunger network for all that they do!


Warmest regards,


Helen & Julie 



Helen Ingwersen