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There’s A Tornado In My Bedroom: T-O-P Move Tips For Closet Clutter


Compared to the hustle and bustle of the holidays, January can feel like a slow-paced month. Work and school schedules return to normal, the party invitations dwindle down and the holiday décor returns to its rightful place in the closet. Oh wait…what is wrong with that closet?! If you find yourself cringing as Chris Cringle takes his usual spot among the ruins of a once organized oasis – you are not alone. Besides, there is no better time than the cold winter weekends to stay inside and complete a home project that de-clutters and de-stresses your life. Whether revamping your holiday storage or trying to give your partner his half of the clothes rack back – here are

7 tips to save the day.


  1. Identify a staging area. This could be as simple as your king size bed or a vacant corner of the room – but you will need a place to empty everything (yes – everything!) out, and see what items and closet space you are working with.

  2. Clean all closet surfaces. Wipe down the walls, vacuum the floor and if you are feeling adventurous – finish off with a fresh coat of mildew resistant paint.

  3. Now hit that staging area! Sort the items into like-categories, such as winter scarves, home décor, shoes and seasonal clothing.

  4. Eliminate the items that belong in another area of the home – such as the garage, kitchen or guest room. It’s okay…we all find the occasional potholder in the sock drawer! 😉

  5. Donate with diligence. If you have not used it in the last year…you will never miss it. If you are on the fence about giving something away, sleep on it and decide in the morning.

  6. Unify hangers and consider doubling up. Uniform hangers can create a much cleaner look and feel. Insider secret: did you know that a soda top tab can make then double duty?!

  7. Put every item away with purpose. At this point, it will be tempting to shove it all back in as fast as you can! But taking time to separate scarves, wrangle rogue shoes and stack by season will pay off in spades when you view your completed project.



There are some very creative ways to declutter and assign every item a designated space. Tip Hero suggests using pool noodles inserted into boots to keep them breathable and upright! Shower rings are a simple space saver for shorts, and ornament boxes can save your socks!





If you are brave enough to tackle the closet, we hope the result is more than a touchdown – but a visually pleasing and practically pleasant space that you use everyday. 








Remember…we love to de-clutter and organize even the wildest of walk-in closets or smallest of shelves, so don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help make your life easier.





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Julie & Helen




Images courtesy of: TipHero.com


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