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There Is No Place Like Home…All Year Long


You often hear that there is no place like home for the holidays – but in reality, there is no place like home. Period. Who doesn’t love the warmth of your own bed, the comfort of your own personal belongings and the memories embedded in every nook and cranny?! While you often hear how our industry affiliation with NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers) can help seniors transition into a new home, did you know there are also services available to assist in your current one?!





This program is designed to help aging, older adults who have decided that the best move right now is not to make one. Whether for physical, financial or personal reasons, there are times when staying in place feels like best step – if the existing environment could just be a better fit.  NASMM@HOME is designed to adapt your home to who you are today with services that encompass the same carefully-crafted, coordinated and compassionate concepts as traditional senior move management services.


As exemplified on the NASMM website, NASSM@HOME services include:

  • Defining your vision: “Where do we begin?” We can help you prioritize what areas need work.

  • Creating a floor plan and repurposing your existing space so it works better for you NOW.

  • Evaluating what you want in your home.

  • Deciding what will be donated, sold or discarded and executing your wishes.

  • Determining your future needs and simplifying your lifestyle ~ gaining the freedom to live the life you want. (For example, the things you use daily must be in easy-to-access places.)

  • Exploring home care maintenance concerns.

  • Reducing home safety concerns and eliminating common in-home hazards.


    If you or a loved one could benefit from increased support, safety and strategy with how your home looks and feels – feel free to let us know! There really is no place like home – especially when it mirrors the meaning of who you are today. If the greatest gift you can give yourself is a home that reflects the present – we are here to help!




Helen & Julie

Helen Ingwersen