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Top 3 Ways To Be More Productive In Your Move (Inspired By Inc. Magazine!)


Look, January isn’t over yet and we hope you haven’t given up on those resolutions. Wait… do we hear a pause, a guilty sigh… you haven’t set any? The good news is that you are not alone! Making 2018 your best year yet is a marathon and not a sprint so there is nothing wrong with pacing yourself. As move managers and professional organizers, we keep up on real estate, housing, senior service AND efficiency trends – and a recent read from Inc. Magazine inspired us with some advice they offered on ‘how you can be more successful in the coming year’. As we read the 18 ways to increase productivity, a few of them REALLY stood out as to how they make a move so much more manageable.


Read the original article here (18 Ways to Be More Productive in 2018), and find the three tips we think will help any move of any size right below …


#1: “Make your calendar your master plan for success.” We always say to use your calendar NOT just for the things you have to do… but want to do! Yes, you need to calendar out time for packing, cleaning, sorting and unpacking – but don’t forget to enjoy those new digs too! Write down some dates to walk your new neighborhood, try the new pizza place and meet a new neighbor.


#2: “Start your day the night before.” Have you ever spent so much time worrying about what the next day holds that you can’t sleep? Do you ever feel like it just won’t all get done? Instead of worrying about every step of the move all at once, sit down at night and take 10 minutes to write down the things you CAN do about it tomorrow. Make sure the pieces are manageable with the rest of what your life entails – we all know that the world does not stop just because you are moving.  


#3: “Reverse engineer every project.” Fast forward to where you would like to be in 3-months, and then create a master plan that works from there. Add a cushion of time (say 10%?) for the unexpected… such as what if your new place isn’t ready when it’s promised, what if your attic has WAY more to clean out than you remembered… what if you decide to hire move managers and they save you SO much time you can squeeze in a vacation?! ????


Remember, we are self-proclaimed organizational nerds and we’d love to help make any of your transitions easier in this New Year. There are 7 days in a week… and someday is NOT one of them. Pick a day, give us a call and let’s get you exactly where you need to be as efficiently as possible!




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