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T-O-P Summer Solutions (Whether You Are Moving Or Not!)


It’s that time of year often known as ‘crunch time’; the kids are celebrating the end of school, graduations are upon us, summer vacations are looming and the beach is calling! Let me guess, those long-awaited household projects destined for when you have ‘time’ seem to be coming less of a priority, and more of a stressor. Yep – we have all been there! Today’s blog is a T-O-P five favorite summer solutions list that T-O-P Move Management can help with, whether you are moving or not! These are the most commonly utilized and often requested services for this sizzling, sunny and spirited season.


1.De-Clutter & De-Stress.

Doesn’t it seem like there is always something on the to-do list…and the longer it takes for you to get to it – the worse it gets! De-cluttering is usually ‘that’ thing that drives everyone crazy. You’d like your home to feel as airy and care free as the rest of the summer…but you are seriously surrounded by stuff. Whether you are housing a few too many collectibles, stashing every class project your kids ever made or managing multiple generations under one roof – we can help de-clutter your home and restore your sanity! Give us 4 hours…and we’ll give you breathing room back!


2.Sorting & Selling.

Maybe you have made it as far as spring cleaning…but now have boxes and bags of donations, electronic waste, hazardous home products and a ‘sell’ pile. Maybe you don’t know where to dump the old house paint safely, have no clue when the next e-waste event in your neighborhood is…or how to avoid Craigslist-ing those valuables. We can help you find donation sources, sort your electronic and hazardous home waste, connect you with resources for consignment or auction, and set-up a garage sale strategy. The time you will save is definitely better spent at the beach, by the pool or with loved ones.



3.Functional Floor Planning.

We all know that the cost of living is increasing, and the cost of housing isn’t helping. You may find that your college kids are home this summer, your parents are moving in or that moving-up is no longer in your future. You may be struggling with how to maintain space for the needs of multiple generations without finding yourself in the middle of multiple family feuds. With functional floor planning, we can design and actualize interiors that meet many needs under one roof. Sometimes you just need a second set of eyes and an extra pair of hands to put everyone’s minds (and stuff!) at ease.


4.Progressive Packing.

That three-week tour of Europe sounded like a great idea, until you started to pack, right? Or maybe you thought a lakeside family reunion would be a great idea…but packing for grandma, the baby and your spouse is making you need a vacation BEFORE the vacation. If you have seen us pack for a move…you should see us tackle a trip! We’ve got some inside secrets for maximizing suitcase space, stowing all that sun/sand gear and more. We can’t settle who gets to pick the road trip music, but we can make sure you make it out the door with everything you need for a great get-a-way!


5.Overall Organization.

Stuff happens, literally! And the more stuff you accumulate, the more help you need in organizing it all. Maybe you never got around to lining those kitchen drawers and cabinets, and now they are overflowing. Maybe your holiday décor is all mixed up and you found your holiday stockings in your box of pool toys, or your husband and son just can’t get their socks straight! We always have insights and ideas to make your life easier. Imagine hearing ‘Where is my basketball gear?’ or ‘I can’t find my iPad?’ a whole lot less. Ask us to organize one room…or the whole house top to bottom!



We hope these ideas have renewed your vision for a relaxing summer season! Whether you are moving, welcoming more family in less space or just hoping to start fresh…we’d be happy to help. Your home can feel more like a sanctuary (and less like a storm shelter!). With a little planning and a lot of T-O-P tips, we can improve your home’s function and give your summer days some freedom for making memories.




All the best,

Helen & Julie


Helen Ingwersen