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Weekend Warriors CAN Work Wonders

Summer is supposed to be a time of relaxation, right? But is it just us…or is it hard to relax when everything around you is in clear chaos?! If you’d like home sweet home to actually feel like a place where you can kick back and put your feet up, maybe you can manage one weekend of work so you can enjoy the rest of summer? Below, we have compiled our top 3 organizational projects for the weekend warrior.


(We also suggest sipping lemonade and running through the sprinkles when you are done! It will help any organizational project taste and feel like summer!)



Get A Handle On Garage Storage.

If you found the holiday décor when you were digging out the kids’ slip n’slide…this one is for you!


Estimated Time: 2 Hours of Hardware Store Shopping + 6 Hours of Sorting & Storing


Tools Needed: Cordless drill, hammer, level, measuring tape, screws and nail.


How To Start: Measure your available space and identify what your biggest challenge is. Maybe you need more storage containers, you lack shelving or just need a trip to Goodwill!


What’s Next: Take a trip to the hardware store (and bring any clipped coupons!) and start shopping! Make sure you get a fix for your biggest need, and price shelving systems if you don’t already have one. By choosing items that expand or make better use of your existing storage solutions, you may be able to save more than if you dump everything you have and start from scratch.


Last But Not Least: Remember that summer is only half over, so keep seasonal items within reach and labeled clearly. Plan to spend the most time sorting and figuring out where everything should go!


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Boast About Your Bathroom

It’s not the most talked about place in your home…but it’s often one of the most used! A reasonable refresh of your bathroom can result in a little sanctuary with a lot of purpose!


Estimated Time: 1 Hour of Shopping + I Hour of Cleaning + 4 Hours of Installation & Décor


Tools Needed: Basic drill & bits, studfinder, hammer, touch-up paint


How To Start: Think of a theme! Do you want your bathroom to smell like a spa?! Look like it came straight out of a beach bungalow? Whatever theme or colors/style you choose will determine what you need and where to get it!


What’s Next: First, give the bathroom a deep cleaning – drawers, cabinets and corners included. Once the dirty work is done…head out to your favorite super-store (we love Target!). Take a look at fresh fixtures, accent color towels and wall décor. Consider splurging on a new shower rod & curtain and don’t forget the scented candles or diffuser for fragrant fun!


Last But Not Least: Put on your favorite playlist and get to work! Change out those towel bars, shine those shower heads and finish up with accessories. Soon, you’ll be ready for a bath before you can say…how long until school starts again?!


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Paper & Paperless Purging/Planning

If your email inbox is yelling SOS every time you check your smartphone, or you can’t remember the last time you saw the surface of your desk – it’s time to get your paper and paperless needs in order.


Estimated Time: 2-4 Hours


Tools Needed: Computer/tablet/smartphone, external hard drive, file cabinet/system, shredder, etc. (Items needed will depend on if you are pro-paper or paperless!) 


How To Start: For paperless peeps…start by deciding which devices need some work! Do you have a zillion pics on your phone you haven’t downloaded? Is your desktop a sad sea of icons & word documents? If you are a tried & true paper pro, do you have a filing system and is it in order? Have you been planning to set up online bill pay but not taken the leap?


What’s Next: Turn on some tunes & set-up a system. Create categories for everything & file away – literally or digitally. Be sure to label strategically if you will need to pull certain items for tax needs come end of year. Don’t forget to shred confidential documents and password protect important info. 


Last But Not Least: Make sure that you are prepared and committed to sustain your organizational efforts. Decide if you are going to file your paper bills end of week, clean out your email inbox nightly and how you can avoid having to start over next month!


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Let us know if you won the weekend war with your latest organizational task…or let us know how we can help!


All the best,

Helen & Julie


Helen Ingwersen