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When One Strategy Doesn’t Fit All: How A Move Manager Can Help YOU


Every person and family is unique…which makes every move unique too! When people think of moving, the first reaction is often one of fear, stress or anticipation. When people think of move management, they often feel overwhelmed, confused or intimidated….it can seem like one more thing to coordinate, when it is in fact just the opposite!  It’s one phone call that can save you about seven, and can involve that one task you need help with, or management of the complete transition. The best way to describe what we do is that the particular challenges, processes and details of your move are what drive us every day! So you’ve guessed it…the topic of today’s blog isn’t what a move manager can do…but what a move manager can do for you!


Collaboration. Have you ever considered how many people are actually involved in a move? Beyond the individual or family making the move, there may be real estate agents, property managers, contractors, inspectors, moving companies and sometimes interior designers or estate and consignment facilitators. A move manager can attend to one of these relationships for you, or all of them! One of the keys of a smooth and simplified transition is collaboration. From tracking the progress of all involved parties on a detailed timeline, to monitoring and troubleshooting potential problems for you – it’s all about making life easier, and getting settled effortlessly.



Creativity. How many times have you moved and heard the word….’it doesn’t fit?!’ or ‘what do we do now?!’. We’d by lying if we told you those questions were always possible to avoid, but we can save your sanity (and sometimes your marriage!) by taking the inconceivable and applying some creativity. We’ve seen and done it all…from turning a spice rack into a medicine cabinet to crafting drapes from alternative textiles…we know that where there is a will there is a way! Creative, affordable and efficient solutions are another added value of move managers.


Another way to look at move management is what we do…and what we don’t!


We do: hard work, coordination, time management, budget monitoring, room or entire home organization, sorting, packing, unpacking, decluttering, downsizing services, floor plans and humor!


We don’t: create more work, set unrealistic expectations, make promises we can’t keep or try to up-sell additional services.


The bottom line is that your move isn’t about us…it’s about you! A custom strategy with personalized attention to your details is the way to ensure that the move plan in place is the best fit for your needs. Whether it takes an entire village or your own personal cheerleading squad, we can (and will!) instill collaboration and creativity to make your next transition a manageable and memorable one.



All the best,


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Helen Ingwersen