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When Transitions Get Tough: Quotes To Lift Spirits & Lighten The Mood(That We All Can Use!)

This should be no secret to any of us – but tough times happen to everyone. Over the years, we have witnessed that moving transitions can accompany some of life’s most difficult moments, including the loss of a spouse, the realization that one can no longer live alone, a cross-country relocation, separation/divorce or financial instability. Moving is hard enough, but as a result of one of these life changing circumstances…it can feel unbearable. Rather than watch a friend or family member simply endure a tough transition, we wanted to share some words of encouragement that just might help. We trust you know your loved ones best – so choose the right fit from the list below, or let these quotes inspire you to make your own!


While we all know that there are no easy answers, quick fixes or magic wands…these quotes just might add a smile, a touch of comfort and show that you care. Add them to the bottom of an email, send in a text with an invite for coffee or hand-write in a note card – extra credit if you can squeeze a hug in and deliver the message in person!




Try these quotes to help a friend or family member adjust to the concept of change as a driver of better, not a promise of worse.


Taking A Chance.


Risks are unavoidable and worth it. Try these sayings for someone who is having trouble taking the first step for fear of failure.​



Enough Is Enough. 

When it doesn’t feel fair, it probably isn’t. But instead of the old ‘Well, life isn’t fair…’ tactic, try one of these.



Looking for some more examples of what to say during life’s greatest lessons or biggest moves? Check out these tips from none other than Hallmark (you know you were thinking of buying a card anyway!): http://ideas.hallmark.com/encouragement-ideas/comforting-words/


Remember that we created T-O-P Move Management not only because of life’s tough transitions, but with the firm belief that we are here to make them easier. Feel free to contact us if we can support you or a loved one by connecting you with a resource or by taking some of the burden out of the process. The only way we get through this world is together, right?


All the best,


Helen & Julie

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